Boston Terrier first picture

Boston terrier first picture

I am a Boston Terrier Super Human. This is my first picture at 5 weeks. I dream to grow up and save the world from various disasters, bullies, and mundane life!

Soon, I will be training, at boston terrier's top secret spy location. Woof!

Here, I am, boston terrier, resting after I defeated the nefarious blue pig who tried to take over my bed. Woof! Woof!


Aile's picture

What a cutie! Little Bond is such a ladies man! He steals the hearts of all the women he encounters. Oh how I yearn for his return to Orlando! Big kisses for such a  sweet little puppy! Xoxo!

Pratt's picture

James Bond, you are so handsome!  That blue pig looks nefarious.  He will make a worthy adversary.

Mary's picture

I like cats but when I saw such cute dog I could not stop to look at his so innocent photo. Like a baby! Unaffected with  amazing blue eyes. Have you even seen so fantastic color of dog's eyes?